We’re a small company who work with interactive game technologies. This is primarily done in the spare hours of the people involved and it’s always a passion project. That passion to create is what relentlessly drives us all forward.

Our core work is based upon the bedrock of CRYENGINE, a high end game engine and renderer. Our founder, Ivan Hawkes, is working with artists and game designers to help build several projects.

You can learn more about our internal projects on our projects pages.

We are also involved in some external projects:

Our Core Values

We strive to uphold a set of core values.


By spending time to conceive, nurture and then develop new ideas we help to bring innovative products into the world.


We examine existing ideas and find ways to extend and improve upon them.


A large part of our creed is to make tools, techniques and knowledge available to as wide an audience as possible. One key tactic is to make products open source; another is writing articles to spread our knowledge further.


Old ideas and methods need to be continually re-evaluated. Those no longer worth keeping must be destroyed.


Preparing the next generation to take over our work. We encourage, teach and nurture new talent and allow it to flourish.